Qomariah Ponco regent and vice-regent Scandal photos (Skandal Bupati Pekalongan)

Pekalongan Regent Qomariah Ponco Scandal photos Her full name is Siti Qomariah, who served as regent (bupati) and Wahyudi Ponco (Pontjo) Nugroho as vice regent (wakil bupati) of Pekalongan – central java, Indonesia. Their Sex Scandal photos Leaked On Facebook who make shocking world of the Internet (Facebookers) especially pekalongan people and Indonesian people in general.

pekalongan regent qomariah ponco bupati pekalongan facebookIn the Qomariyah Ponco Dua album profile of facebook account, there are 22 pictures of Ponco Qomariyah affair. Most of the pictures contained images Qomariyah wearing underwear only . Some other, more stimulating desire (seronok).

However as reported that facebook allegedly abused by irresponsible elements in profiteer names of Pekalongan Regent Qomariyah and Vice Regent Wahyudi Ponco (Pontjo) Nugroho. If we look from the appearance of the facebook-profile of indecent pictures of couples suspected of Regent and Vice-Regent allegedly linked political interests ahead of the implementation of elections in 2011 next, yeah an estimate that makes sense to considered


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